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by Brendan Hainline and Eshan Mitra

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New Comic
Eshan Mitra

Hey guys! If you're wondering what we're up to now, we've started a new comic! It's about an awesome group of incompetent supervillains. Check it out!

Final Run
Eshan Mitra

After long and difficult consideration, we've decided that it's time to bring the saga to a close. The last Dot Comic will run on Thursday, April 28. Thanks for following us for the past 2 years! And next September, we'll be back in the comic business once more, with... something new.

200 Comics!
Eshan Mitra

Thanks for reading!

Also, our strike is over. Be sure to have a look at both alternate endings!

And We're Back!
Eshan Mitra

We've now returned from winter break, ready for another epic semester of comics!


Interview with the Press!
Eshan Mitra

We've recently had an interview with a reporter from the Blog Daily Herald. Take a look!